Welcome to Pembroke Springs Retreat!

The Retreat is situated at the base of the Great North Mountain in the Northwestern part of the Shenandoah Valley.  Our house is unique, as it has been decorated with Japanese artwork and furnishings, as well as Virginia antiques, collected throughout our lifetime of travels.  We have five spacious bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom, a large dining room to comfortably seat your entire group, and plenty of cozy sitting areas for socializing or for a quiet retreat with a book.  We feature two authentic Japanese Baths (ofuros), that use fresh mountain water and are heated to 104 degrees.  On our 175 acre property, there are hiking trails, a fishing pond and a tennis court.  Both native and migratory wild life are abundant and the views are spectacular at all times of the year.

Our Japanese-inspired Retreat offers full house rental on weekends and B&B style rental during the week.  We have five large bedrooms, each with their own private bathroom.  Please click on each bedroom below for amenities and refer to our reservations page for more details.  Click on the Virtual Tour below to explore our eclectic home.

Pine Room

Cedar Room

Maple Room

Oak Room

Virtual Tour

Sunrise Room

Whether you are interested in exploring nature on our miles of well-marked trails, emersing yourself in authentic Japanese cuisine, or hosting your event or wedding at our venue, you and your party are sure to have a memorable experience!

Events and Weddings

2/10/23 – Another fantastic year with wonderful service and a relaxing experience. The new baths are incredible. See you next year! – Jakob, Jacob, Jamanada, Justing, Jeff

Japanese Cuisine

5/31/23 – Dear Lisa, thank you for letting us stay in this wonderful place! You’ve made us feel so welcomed and loved with the amazing food and your hospitality. You have made me believe the importance of disconnecting and appreciating the nature around me. This is a very memorable place and I can’t wait to come back again! – Stephanie

Exploring or Relaxing

10/23/22 – An amazing return to the retreat. We could not have asked for a better visit to have our wedding celebration! Thanks so much to Lisa and everyone else in the family that made our weekend special!! Love – Nora and Andrea

All reservations receive a phone call to clarify any questions you may have.  

Advance reservations are necessary, and a wait list is used for reservations beyond 3 months out.  

Please do not call between 9pm and 9am.  Thank you for your understanding.