Guest Book

8/6/23 – Lisa, Thanks again for hosting my birthday party! It’s always such a wonderful time when we visit. Can’t wait to come back again!

4/30/23 – Lisa, I love how this resort has changed and adapted over the years, Thanks for your stellar hospitality. Thank you for accommodating our bachelorette party and being a huge part of our life-long stories. This place has a lot of memories for us. We’re thrilled to make many more in the years to come. 

5/20/23 – Thank you Lisa for preparing a lot of addition things for us to host our wedding here. Everyone in our guests love the place and had a great time here. We love the spring and the huge lawn. We took a lot of pictures for it is very peaceful, beautiful here. Thank you so much! –  Jingwen & David

6/16/23 – Thank you so much for providing amazing hospitality!! We had peaceful moments for three days and now, we leave with fresh energy. We wish we could come here next year to enjoy this relaxing time. Take care! With palms together – Hanna and her friends

2/5/23 – Our party loved your resort! Such a value and a wonderful view! Lisa is amazing! – John

2/2/24 – This was one of the most peaceful weekends of my life! In ways big and small, the home exudes lovingness, care, and warmth. All of this was matched only by Lisa’s hospitality! Thank you and I can’t wait to come back! In good health & cheer – Varda

5/31/23 – Dear Lisa, thank you for letting us stay in this wonderful place! You’ve made us feel so welcomed and loved with the amazing food and your hospitality. You have made me believe the importance of disconnecting and appreciating the nature around me. This is a very memorable place and I can’t wait to come back again! – Stephanie

05/27/24 – Our family had a wonderful time here together to celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday. Thank you for your hospitality and wonderful service! – Roxanne

5/12/24 – Thank you Lisa, Taeko, & Winston, It was so wonderful to see you again and spend a relaxing weekend here. And special thanks to Kuma & Miso for accompanying us on our hike. The food & hospitality are unmatched! See you soon, Love – Marla & Andrew