Pembroke Springs Retreat is the perfect getaway to enjoy with your family or friends, Staying Safe Staying Inn!

Our Virginia vacation home rental is now offering a midweek option for smaller groups. As we are no longer serving food, Guests are able to utilize most aspects of our commercial kitchen, enjoy the mountain water, and all of the outdoor activities that Pembroke Springs Retreat has to offer. The chart below shows the MINIMUM number of rooms and the pertaining rate for the dates listed. Regardless of the number of rooms booked, your party will be the ONLY group in the house.

*We are hoping to have some building maintenance done in August, we will update the calendar with August availability as soon as we can secure dates.

Options for Booking:

1. View the chart below to see availability, then call us between 9am and 9pm to discuss and make a reservation. 

2. Click HERE to make an online reservation.  We will follow up with a call to you for further details about your stay.

*There is a wait list for reservation requests past three months out.

Apr 23-25Fri-Sun3Up to 6 Guests$1500
May 4-6Tues-Thurs5Up to 10 Guests$2500
May 14-16Fri-Sun5Up to 10 Guests$2500
May 28-May 31Fri-Mon5Up to 10 Guests$3750
June 4-6Fri-Sun5Up to 10 Guests$2500
June 8-10Tues-Thurs3Up to 6 Guests$1500
June 29-July 1Tues-Thurs3Up to 6 Guests$1500
July 2-5Fri-Mon5Up to 10 Guests$3750
July 9-11Fri-Sun5Up to 10 Guests$2500
July 13-15Tues-Thurs3Up to 6 Guests$1500
July 16-18Fri-Sun5Up to 10 Guests$2500

Please read our policies here. ALL reservations require a phone conversation for the booking to be complete. We like to speak to all guests staying in our family-run retreat. There is a lot to be explained, as our model has changed from previous years.

You will receive an OFFICIAL reservation confirmation after we have confirmed your information and credit card.

Your Reservation is Confirmed with a non-refundable deposit.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club, JCB and American Express.